Trump suggests FBI planted book on how to build a nuclear bomb in Mar-a-Lago documents

During his Arizona rally, former President Donald Trump falsely accused Democrats of putting a "trigger warning" on the Constitution.

He then went off on a rant against Democrats claiming they are the ones who destroy documents and "they plant documents," he continued.

"They plant documents. Let's see, is there a book on nuclear destruction or the building of nuclear weapon cheaply?" he said, sweating in the Arizona heat. 

"Let's put that box — let's put that in with Trump. Nah, they plant documents. 

They have a terrible reputation. Look at the kinda things — this is just the small part that I've read. And who would want to be with them? We're safer in that Chinese restaurant."

Immediately after stolen government documents were seized at Mar-a-Lago, Trump began claiming that documents were planted. 

When reports surfaced that there was nuclear information in there, Trump flew off the handle on his personal social media website. He categorically denied that he had such a document.