'Gangsta's Paradise' rapper Coolio at dies unexpectedly at 59

Unexpected, sudden, and painful, especially in the world of music: Rapper Coolio died in Los Angeles at the age of 59.

 The rap star was found dead on the bathroom floor of a friend’s home in Los Angeles, his longtime manager, Jarez Posey, told TMZ. Coolio, whose legal name was Artis Leon Ivey Jr., was pronounced dead on scene by responding EMTs, TMZ reported.

Born in Monessen, Pennsylvania south of Pittsburgh, Coolio moved to Compton, California,

where he went to community college. He worked as a volunteer firefighter and in airport security before devoting himself full-time to the hip-hop scene.

Gangsta rap is a sub-genre of Hip-Hop, it is slang for the term gangster rap.

 Gangster rap came from the hood or inner city areas in which rappers used it to represent their gangs. It was started in the early 1980's

, with the words being first used in Schoolly D 's song, "Gangster Boogie".