COVID epidemic relief finances still available for floundering small businesses

LINDENHURST,N.Y.– knockouts of millions of bones in state entitlement plutocratallocated for small business possessors will expire in bare days.

As CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reports, the COVID epidemic relief bones are stillavailable with brewing deadlines to fill out the operations.
Talking to the pizzamaker, trading a librarybook, sweeping the sidewalk– all along Main Street in Lindenhurst are proudmerchandisers floundering to keep their small businesses alive.

” Rising food costs have been extremely painful then. We opened up two weeks into COVID,” said Dean Leunes, proprietorof the Pita Bowl. 

Leunes said they had to lay off staff, alsosluggishly rehire them as town strives to thrive. 
” It’s an over- and-down business, has noway been the same, but we keepsurviving,” said Marvin Mejias, of BadMonkey Garage. 

Now Bad Monkey Garage and others are getting a new boost of relief. 
” New York state has two finances, entitlement programs that folks can applyfor. Deadlines are approaching,” said Eric Alexander, with Main Street Alliance. 

The Seed Funding Grant Program and COVID- 19 Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program still haveplutocrat in their resources to give away by 1159p.m. onSept. 30–$ 200 million and$ 800 million, independently.

Alexander says at a base position, businesses can be eligible for$,000 and, depending on the program,$,000 to$,000. 

” veritably, veritably delicate because I’ve to pay the rent every month,” said Esther Acosta, proprietor of Esther’s Salon.
The entitlement plutocrat can go towards rent, mortgage, payroll, mileage bills and particular defensive outfit.

” Especially in this assiduity, where it’s veritably close contact,” said Matthew Gaudio, owner of Holy Black Barbershop.
Gaudio says COVID fears keep some guestsdown.

So far, 90 of the subventions have gone to small businesses with 10 or smallerworkers. The maturity are nonage and women entrepreneurs. 

” It’s huge to help any small business in the town is veritably important because it’s really our lifeblood then,” said Jason Kontakis, with Lindenhurst Business Improvement District. 
” Everyone should be jumping on that occasion,” Leunes said.

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