After Hurricane Ian, an Insurance fraud expert warns Florida residents about scams

Florida residents whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Ian are being cautioned by an expert on insurance fraud to be wary of frauds, especially from construction contractors who might encourage homeowners to hand over insurance benefits for a quick fix.

In order to make damage claims, homeowners should first contact their insurance carriers, according to Gina Clausen Lozier, an insurance attorney with 15 years of experience who focuses on fraud cases .

Many frivolous people will be gathered in the vicinity, she said. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

In counties all around the state, at least 13 deaths have been reported; this figure is anticipated to sharply increase. Sheriffs in southwest Florida said that thousands of stranded callers, some with life-threatening problems, flooded 911 centres. On Thursday, more than 2.6 million homes and businesses lacked electricity.

Clausen Lozier, who is also a member of the Florida Property and Casualty Insurance Fraud Task Force, claimed that lawmakers had passed new laws in recent years to crack down on shady out-of-state construction workers who have flocked to Florida in the wake of natural disasters.

Biden cautions the oil industry not to overcharge for gas after Hurricane Ian.

detection of insurance fraud
According to Clausen Lozier, typical scams include:

Construction companies pressuring property owners to “sign assignment of benefits” in return for quick fixes. This has made it possible for those companies to receive claim monies from insurers that may exceed the actual cost of the work.

“If you Associate in Nursing assignment of advantages, they step in your shoes and you’ll not perceive what you’re leaving behind,” she said. “You may get extra money from Associate in Nursing insurance underwriter. …There is not any reason to allow away a little of your cash.”

â–ºCompanies seeking to regulate a claim, the method of crucial coverage, legal liability and settlement payments. Clausen Dr. aforementioned solely a authorised public investigator or a authorised lawyer will do this.

As cyclone Ian creates disturbance, what will home insurance cowl once a disaster?

Hurricane Ian: Here’s however renters will avoid panic and steel oneself against natural disasters: Severe storms, wildfires.

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